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Infertility affects both the partners equally. While Gynaecology deals with the issues related to Female Infertility, it is the Department of Andrology and Sexology that helps the men.

ESJAY-CRAFT is equipped with a full-fledged Department of Andrology & Sexology which is headed by the renowned Andrologist and Micro Surgeon Dr. P. Dharmaraj Palanisamy DNB MRCS, DNB(Urology). He also holds a Fellowship in Andrology.

Pioneer Now At Your Service

Dr. Dharmaraj P is the first doctor in India to have performed Micro TESE Surgery . It is an advanced form of surgery performed using high-end microscope to extract sperms directly from the testes. This is the last resort for males affected by Azoospermia.

This procedure has helped several women have successful pregnancy even when all hope seemed to be lost. Most of these cases that we dealt with were advised to opt for a sperm donor.

ESJAY-CRAFT is proud to have Dr. Dharmaraj on board and happy to know that his expertise can now help the residents of Coimbatore and surrounding areas.

An Expert Sexologist

Apart from being an expert surgeon and Andrologist, Dr. Dharmaraj is also a well-experienced Sexologist. He can help you with any sexual issues including erectile dysfunction . So feel free to book an appointment and sort out your sexual life in full confidentiality.