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Once we overcome the hurdles of infertility and help you conceive, the next big question in your mind is going to be a healthy delivery. How and where will your little one make his/her entry into the world?

ESJAY-CRAFT is equipped with an advanced labour suite which offers all the facilities that the mother and the baby would need.

Say Goodbye To Labour Pain

One of the most anxious part of delivering a baby is the pain associated with the delivery. But thanks to advances in medical science it can be completely avoided. We offer painless labour through our expert Anesthetist Team of Dr. Haseeb Khan, DA & Dr. Sheeba Nambiar, DA DNB(Anaes).

We also offer epidural anesthesia wherein the mother remains fully conscious but does not feel any pain. This is a safe method which is widely used during delivery.

Post Delivery Care

Once your little one has arrived, he/she will be tended to by our expert team of Pediatricians. Dr. Selvaraj DCH DNB (Paed), Dr. R. Peter MD DM (Neo) and Dr. Ramani MD (Paed) will make sure that each every aspect of your little one’s health is taken care of.

In case of premature births, we have a state-of-the-art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit set up at Ganga Women & Child Centre.