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ESJAY CRAFT Fertility Centre has been set up with the aim of providing the latest of facilities to all our patrons. This is where the role of Medical Genetics is paramount.

The birth of a child with any genetic malformation is a fear that engulfs every expecting parent. Genetics concerns the process of trait inheritance from parents to offspring, including the chromosomes – gene to genome level. Hence any changes in the genetic make-up of parents affect the embryo/Fetus.

The number of diseases found to have a genetic basis is increasing. So, Medical Genetics plays a vital role in determining the risks of developing certain diseases as well as screening and preventive treatment. This becomes even more relevant in the diagnosis and management of hereditary disorders and reproductive failures.

Prevention is better than cure!

Genetic diseases are in-borne and cannot be cured but they can always be prevented with timely detection. Therefore, we employ the best Genetics Facility to ensure that we prevent the birth of an anomalous child, repeated miscarriages and repeated IVF failures.